Every place of the Ionian Pelagos is beautiful. Places with mythical castles, cities with intricate architecture, oil fields and forests which are touching the sea, places filled with wild forests, international awarded exotic beaches with crystal clear water. Friendly people with excellent music expressed from their heart. The Ionian Pelagos are friendly, with soft winds making an excellent destination for sea sports.

Igoumenitsa, a modern city which tries to evolve according to the needs of the present time. A modern port which grows, having the Egnatia motor highway in its doorstep. Capital of the Thesprotia state with its magical beaches.

Close to the capital is Sivota, a place of an extraordinary natural beauty. The port is so beautiful, like a perfect painting, where cafes, restaurants and small market places, along with many other anchored boats in the dock. The most notorious beaches of the area are Mikri and Megalli Ammos, Bella Vraka and Zavia. Another beautiful beach is Pisina, where you can see its crystal clear waters with a vessel and or a small boat.

Paksoi and Antipaksoi or among the most busiest and favourite destinations for tourists. Paksoi is a place with magical natural beauty, available with an excellent tourist infrastructure. Neighboring Antipaksoi is a small island which will surprise you with its many beautiful beaches. Sea caves, headlands, coves and slopes make Antipaksoi a truly mythical place.

Another great destination is the cosmopolitan Parga. Parga is literally “sinking” from people the visit during the entire summer. With your vessel, you will be able to visit the small beautiful island of Panagia, just a few hundred meters opposite the port. Explore the beaches of Parga and swim in their crystal clear waters.

Throughout the Ionian Sea, there are hundreds of places which will take your breath away. MARJI MARINE gives you the ability to visit all those destinations and guarantees you to have your vacation full of adventures which will always remain unforgettable. Touring all those shores with our vessels, will be a unique experience for you. Below we present you pictures from destinations like Igoumenitsa, Sivota, Parga, Plataria, Paksoi, Sagiada and Karavostasi. We hope to enjoy all those beautiful places…