Instructions before departure

When renting a vessel, there are some to-do issues, where they secure your safety and pleasure. Below, we present you some useful tips so your trip is completed successfully.

• Organize your trip. Organizing is the first step towards your trip success. Responsibilities must be shared, based on the individual skills. Some must deal with the navigation of the vessel and others must deal with the general management of the vessel.

• Always check your route before you start and the trip and follow a correct and short course.

• Check the entire vessel. The vessel itself must be check before departure so you can learn where all the ropes, life support equipment and many other necessary tools need to be used in case of emergency.

• Never board more people than the limit allows This action is illegal and puts the vessel and yourself in great risk. In case of emergency, life jackets will not be enough to protect you from danger.

• Park your vessel safely. Pay attention when you park your boat after you reach your destination. The anchorage is an important issue in order for your vessel stands still in the park spot and not damage other surrounding vessels.